Lifelong Longevity OR An Inadvertent Workout -whichever title you prefer. 

Imagine being able to pair your favorite leisure activity with the benefits of a full body workout. Think it’s impossible to be relaxed but still burning calories? SUP will prove it to be possible. SUP can be both a nice, relaxing leisure activity and a way to burn some serious calories. On average, for a 160 pound person, SUP can burn anywhere from 305-1,125 calories in an hour, depending on the rigor of the course, the intensity of the paddling, and the purpose of your adventure. Casual paddlers can take their time on the water, enjoy the scenery and still burn more calories than if you had walked for an hour. If you are a racing paddleboarder, a surfing paddleboarder, a yoga paddleboarder, or a touring paddleboarder, you will burn more than if you were just casually paddleboarding; however, calories burned are not the only benefits of this up and coming water sport.


SUP activities will work every muscle in your body, but targets your core the most. Strong core muscles prove to be the most beneficial for anyone, especially athletes and body builders. The stronger your core, the better of you are because it allows for better posture, balance, stability, sports performance, and strength. If you have a strong core, chances are you are less likely to become injured and it can even help to support your bone strength. For these reasons, SUP is one of the best activities for anyone- young, old, active, sedentary, fit, not so fit, you name it.


It is also important to note that people who are arthritis sufferers who are looking for a low-impact activity should try SUP. It allows for the body to use its muscles, which helps to support your frame. Because you are not running, jarring, or moving your joints a lot during the workout, it is the perfect activity for anyone. You should definitely check with your doctor before starting any new activity if you suffer from arthritis, but once you’re given clearance, SUP Yoga is an ideal way for you to help your body compensate for weak joints & bone structure.


SUP is not just a fad, but a way for people to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer- whether you are by an ocean, lake, or river, this water sport is an ideal way for you to get up and moving. 

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