Our Mahi Mahi paddle emulates the mahi-mahi fish found off-shore in tropical and subtropical waters.  They are distinguished by dazzling colors: golden on the sides, and bright blues and greens on the sides and back.

Whether you choose a fixed length or adjustable SUP Paddle, the handle and blade are exactly the same in every model.  The handle is made from carbon fiber and ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand.

The paddle blade, also carbon fiber, is precisely angled for optimum performance, with a surface area of 95 sq in. All Hornet SUP graphic paddles have a dynamic edge.  The Dynamic Edge is a 5 mm rubber tapered edge that protects the blade and your board from damage. The stylish, glossy graphics are slick and eye-catching, turning heads wherever you SUP.


Blade Material: Carbon Fiber
Dynamic Edge: 5mm rubber edge
Blade Graphic: Inside the blade
Blade Surface: Glossy
Fixed Length Shaft Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
Adjustable Shaft Material: 70% Carbon Fiber, 30% Fiberglass
Handle: Carbon Fiber Ergo Palm Grip or T Grip upon request
Blade Length: 18.5″
Blade Width: 7.8″
Blade Weight: 7.05oz
Blade Surface: 95 sq in
Fixed Paddle Length: Up to 85"
2 Piece Adjustable Paddle Length: 155 cm (61") to 230 cm (91")
3 Piece Adjustable Paddle Length: 155 cm (61") to 230 cm (91")
1 Year Product Warranty

Now let’s consider the different options:

1 Piece Crush Rubber Edge SUP Paddle

The 1 piece paddle comes in a fixed length and is ideal if you’ll be the only person using it. Made from 100% carbon fiber, the paddle not only looks fantastic but is extremely strong and lightweight, too!

Choose from a range of fixed paddle lengths up to 215cm (85"), remembering to size your paddle 15-25cm (6-10”) longer than your height. 

Adjustable Crush Rubber Edge SUP Paddle

If more than one person will be using your SUP paddle, it’s a great idea to opt for an adjustable length paddle. These paddles offer versatility without compromising on quality.

A useful ruler is incorporated on the inner shaft in both cm and inches, clearly showing the adjusted length. Remember your preferred measurement and you’ll get paddle length perfection every time!

The 2 piece SUP Paddle is great for families or clubs. The shaft is split into two pieces which allow you to quickly and easily adjust the paddle length in increments from 155 cm (61") to 230 cm (91"). Once the length is set your paddle is extremely sturdy and ready for SUP!

The 3 piece SUP Paddle is designed to pack down small for paddlers who like to travel. As the name suggests, this paddle is split into 3 pieces: The shaft can be separated into two pieces and the blade is also removable. Using the same simple push-button system as the 2 piece paddle, you can adjust this paddle’s length in increments from 155 cm (61") to 230 cm (91").

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