SUP Pro School - FL

Paddleworks Instructors are ACA certified and provide the best lessons on the water! The correct technique requires learned muscle memory, which is achieved through instruction.  There is no way for someone to just pick it up.  No matter what your current skill level, we can coach you to the desired level of performance; check out the lessons we offer!    

Quick Start -  Beginners having a great time on your SUP
Level 1 -  Perfecting your Basic Strokes
Level 2 -  Advanced Strokes 
On our lessons, we like to paddle calm waters with low wind conditions, as its the best environment for learning.  Paddleworks adjusts to daily wind and water conditions by selecting the best location for safety and satisfaction.   We welcome paddlers of all abilities.  Padddleworks has worked with the hearing impaired, paddlers with MS, knee and hip replacements, and even people that don't listen!