Manasquan New Jersey SUP & Paddleboard Rentals

Manasquan New Jersey SUP & Paddleboard Rentals

If you have ever wanted to surf, but are not ready to take up such an intensive water sport, stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP,  may be a great activity for you to try. Hawaiians have been using SUP for years as a way to stay fit when the waves aren’t right for surfing. Humans have been very creative in finding ways to harness their natural surroundings and resources; SUP is one of those ingenious ways. This sport is easy, feasible, and can pack in a killer workout. In fact, SUP’s popularity is so strong that it has been the outdoor sport with the most first time participants throughout the United States for a few years now.

Join the people who have found a new way to enjoy Mother Nature without an immense amount of time and effort. At Manasquan SUP & Paddleboard Rentals, we can help you become experts using high quality equipment at a low cost. There is no better way to get out and enjoy the sun, surf, and sea life than to be active participants. Give it a try, and you’ll find out why so many have taken it up.

Not only is it fun, it is also an intense, full-body workout

When you are out on the ocean on a stand-up paddleboard, almost every muscle in your body is being engaged. Primarily because of the balance required, your leg muscles will be constantly used to stabilize your center of gravity; while your arms, back and shoulders are used to move the paddleboard through the water. Your core, back and abdominal muscles remain constantly at work helping to maintain balance. When you have a strong and healthy core, all other muscles can work more efficiently with any activity. For these reasons, any athlete could benefit from this intense core workout. Also, this type of workout is full-body, but is low impact; great for arthritis sufferers.  Manasquan SUP & Paddleboard Rentals can help you train for any activity by teaching you how to master this water sport and help you find the right equipment you need to do so.


When visiting Manasquan, NJ, your are only a couple minutes away from renting a SUP so you can get out on the water. Our Manasquan, New Jersey Location is also nearby for those residing in Spring Lake, Wall, Brielle, Point Pleasant, and Sea Girt NJ

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