Wall, NJ Paddleboard and SUP Lessons and rentals

Wall, NJ Paddleboard and SUP Lessons and Rentals

When located in Wall, NJ you can take a short ride to our Manasquan location to find the best rentals and paddleboard/SUP lessons the NJ Shore has to offer. Our vast knowledge will help you get out and safely operate a SUP.

Water safety is practiced and regulated by a wide range of overlapping Federal, State, and local authorities who work to ensure the protection of life and property in coastal zones throughout the world. Depending on which country and locale in which you are surfing, local laws regulating the use of surfboards and SUP boards will vary.

For regulatory purposes, SUP is treated like body surfing, boogie boarding, or other forms of prone surfing (surfboard riding) and there are no regulations requiring the use of a personal flotation device while using a SUP board in the surf zone. However, some areas of the country closely regulate beach and surf zones, requiring leashes on a SUP board similar to what’s required for surfboards. Regulations and requirements can be enforced seasonally during high-tourism seasons or all year, so make sure you check with the authorities prior to getting out there.